A well manicured home is a more "presentable" home.  There are some very simple things to do before listing your home that will help you get top dollar in a market that is filled with homes that you are competing against.  When buyers are looking for Fort Lauderdale Real Estate for Sale, they usually start by looking at pictures.  We all know that pictures are there to tell a story about your home.  So why not use this to your advantage and MAKE people want to come see your Home for Sale?

Lets step back for a minute and think about when you were looking at Homes for Sale in Oakland Park, Florida, or any other community that you bought in.  You started out by looking at multiple websites...combing through pictures and pictures of homes.  Or, your Realtor set you up on a search and you viewed them this way.  Either way, your first impression of the house by the pictures is what usually would make you dog tag the property as one you wish to see.

Below are just a few of many ways that you can increase the value of your home!

Make your lawn perfect:  It is pretty cheap to green up the grass.  Pull the weeds.  Plant some fresh flowers.  Trim back the bushes and make your yard the best one in the neighborhood.  Even just a fresh layer of mulch makes your home look well kept.

Make your rooms larger:  Now we all know that you can't physically make a room larger unless you add on.  But...you can remove furniture, downsize tables, remove some art work, and move your belongings around to make a room seem the biggest it can be.


Bathrooms:  If your bathroom isn't updated put a little life back into it.  Say you have pink tile...this was the craze many years ago...as in many many years ago.  But, that pink tile is longer in fashion. You can easily have your tiles or tub updated with a static paint.  This will immediately freshen up your bathroom at a relatively cheap cost. Remember buyers that see old bathrooms see dollar signs that they will need to spend right away.  Put some elbow grease into removing old wall paper and painting it a neutral color.  All of this can be done for under $500.00.

Kitchens:  Buyers these days are screaming for an updated kitchen.  This doesn't mean that you need to sink $25,000 into your kitchen for your home to sell. Though if you do, you will most likely gain every penny that you spent back.  Any kitchen update that you do will bring you your money back.  Update the light fixtures.  Replace the ugly sink.  Remove the microwave from 1970 and replace it with a new one.  Clean Clean Clean.

Paint:  This is the cheapest improvement ever.  Neutralize your home.  A fresh coat of paint looks so fresh.  But make sure you do a good job.  If your lines are all curvy this will be noticed.


Closets:  Closet space is very important.  As new buyers walk into your home the first thing they will usually comment on is how much storage they have. Especially in South Florida.  We don't have basements.  So having enough storage in the house is imperative for new buyers.  Buyers don't want to open your closets and see they are jammed full.  This just means that you don't have room for anything. Move your packed closets up into the attic or rent a storage shed while your home is for sale.  Better yet, you could most likely going through those closets and get rid of some of the boxes that haven't been opened since you moved in.

Ask a Realtor:  Ask your Realtor that you plan on using to walk through your house and be blunt about what they see.  Find out what they think needs to be done or doesn't.  Your Realtor should NOT be afraid to tell you the pluses and minuses of your home.  It is their job to sell your home for the highest price they can get.  If they think something should be done, they should tell you. Don't take their construction criticism the wrong way.  They are trying to make you the most money.  If they aren't then maybe you should look for a new Realtor.

Get an Inspection:  Have your home inspected.  Every buyer is going to do this.  If you get things inspected before you list your home you can fix any big items on the list so you won't run into problems later.  It is important that your home is in tip top shape.

Improving your house doesn't mean that you have to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars.  But, the house down the street that is also for sale may have taken steps that you didn't and it shows better then yours.

Selling your home can be an easy take for you.  It should be stress free, well at least as stress free as possible.  Buyers looking at Homes for Sale in Broward County or the surrounding communities have lots of others options they can pursue.  Make your home the one that stands out.  The home they just have to own for their own!

We specialize in helping South Floridians buyer and sell their home.  Contact us for any questions that you may have.  We are always here to help!