Whether you are a small investor, large investor, or simply looking to purchase your first home, investing in real estate has always been a dream of many.  Fort Lauderdale Homes for Sale, especially Luxury Homes, have seen a huge uptick in demand and soaring prices.  Many investors are purchasing these homes before they are built and selling them after for a profit once a home can be staged.  Is this something that you are looking to do?  Everyone is doing it right?  Well no...that isn't the case.  Investing in real estate can of course be risky.  There are not many investments in the world that guarantee that you are going to make money...if so can someone please tell me about them!!!

If you look at Fort Lauderdale Luxury Homes for Sale you will see that the inventory has stayed steady.  Sellers are listing and buyers are picking them up as soon as they come on the market.   Fort Lauderdale Waterfront New Construction Homes for Sale are finally starting to catch up with the demand.  What you will notice is that there are not many homes listed under $1,000,000 in terms of new construction.  Foreign Investors are a large part in the investment in South Florida.  They are buying investment properties in South Florida sight unseen and are either going to rent them out, or sit on them with the hopes that the market continues to drive higher and they can sell them for a nice profit.

It doesn't mean that everyone can go out and buy homes that are in the millions of dollars and sit on them.  But, there are still homes that buyers can purchase that need a major face lift.  Take your time on doing the repairs and eventually sell them for a profit.  Of course with any investment there is risk.  It may take you more money then you thought to turn a profit, or it may take you less and your profit margin goes even higher!

One thing to remember in South Florida is that the rental market is BOOMING!  There are so many Floridians that can't buy, don't want to buy, or are here temporarily, and they all need a place to live.  This is why over the past five years we have seen a steady increase in rent prices.  Rentals often come on the market and are under contract within a couple days, especially if the home or condo is updated and in a good location.

There are so many options available if you are thinking about investing your money in the South Florida Real Estate. Properties for Sale in the Fort Lauderdale, Oakland Park, Coral Heights, Rio Vista, Victoria Park, and other surrounding areas are hot.  Now may be the time for you to jump in and join the roller coaster ride.