Want to make your home warm and inviting and add an element of security at the same time? Outdoor lighting can transform your home’s exterior. As simple as installing outdoor lighting may sound, take a stroll through your local home improvement warehouse and you’ll realize there is a mind-boggling array of options. It pays to do your homework before you hire an electrician to install exterior lighting.

Peruse magazines and clip out lighting scenarios that appeal to you. Drive through your neighborhood and snap photos of lighting looks you love. Last but not least, consider the effects exterior illumination will have on your home’s interior. For instance, the last thing you want is to install a 120-volt floodlight that will shine into your bedroom window. Following are three ways to enhance luxury homes in south Florida by adding exterior lighting.

Solar-Powered Accent Lighting

Florida is the Sunshine State. You can actually tap into that sunshine by installing solar-powered lights. Solar lighting is a nice way to illuminate sidewalks and paths. Instead of having a spotlight effect, these lights emit a subtle glow that’s not overpowering. Just make sure wherever you install solar lights, they have plenty of access to the sunlight that powers them.

Powerful Floodlights

Floodlights provide the opposite effect of solar lights. They bathe an area in light (usually 120 volts of brightness). Floodlights discourage intruders because they eliminate the cloak of darkness criminals count on to stay hidden. Floodlights also highlight the key elements of your outdoors living space. Swimming pools, palm trees, fountains and arbors all come to life bathed in the glow of a floodlight. If you have waterfront property in Fort Lauderdale, floodlights might provide just the right touch to enhance the natural beauty of the water at night.

Decorative Hanging Lights

Most houses have porch lights. On the other hand, most houses’ porch lights are boring. A major factor that sets luxury homes in south Florida apart from underwhelming homes is keen attention to detail. Ornate wrought-iron hanging lanterns fit in with the Mediterranean architecture of many fine south Florida homes. Use these fixtures on porches and outside pergolas, arbors and even trees to create a stunning nighttime accent.

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